Whether they prefer to be self-directed or are heavily reliant on financial services providers, retail investors of all types tend to seek out more advice during times of adversity. As the social toll and economic fallout continue in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, investors will increasingly rely on their advisors for ongoing guidance and answers as to what future developments related to this pandemic-induced crisis mean for their portfolios.

In this white paper, Cerulli explores how advice providers can best equip their advisor-clients to quell the worries of investors and ensure they adhere to their still-relevant long-term investment goals.


Our White Paper Uncovers These Key Trends

Advisors need relationships that balance effective interpersonal communication and implementation of scalable technology tools that aid advisory relationships.

Advisors need to proactively maintain lines of communication with clients to explain the current market downturn and subsequent volatility in the broader context of individual households’ longer-horizon financial plans.

Digital platforms do an excellent job in the basic mechanics of portfolio management, but they lack the empathy and reassurance vital to the best advisory relationships.

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Webinar: Advice in Adversity
Uncover best practices born of the 2008 recession and gain actionable strategies to quell investor fear and uphold your value propositions


Presented by:
Scott Smith
Director, Advice Relationships

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